Sheephouse Manor Maidenhead

Sheephouse Manor
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Sheephouse Manor Self Catering

Sheephouse Road
Tel +44 (0)1628 776902
Fax +44(0)1628 625138
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sheephouse manor
sheephouse manor
breakfast room
Sheephouse Manor
Double bedroom B&B
Dining Room
Southlands Cottage
self catering
self catering
Southlands Cottage
Cottage outside
Cottage 3 Lounge

Traveller Reviews

Why did it take me so long to find Sheephouse Manor?
I've been contracting in Slough for 7 weeks and I'm just sorry I didn't find this place sooner
Perfect for the business traveller (may be for leisure as well - but I'm not in that frame of mind)
from D.G.from Canterbury who stayed in September 2009

Quirky and individual. Good alternative to a boring room in a faceless hotel chain.
A bit like staying as an overnight house guest at a friend-of-a-friend's.
Lovely area, nice walk up to/along the canal/river.
Reviewed by vincent k From Shrewsbury, England
Who stayed August 2009

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